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Adult Programs:
A similar course (Cansail 1) is available for adults who wish to learn how to sail. It covers Water Safety, terminology, knots and sailing skills. Basic courses cover the basics of sailing and the intermediate course is designed for adults who have some previous experence and wish to refresh their skills.
A1)-Intermediate) Fri eve, Sat & Sun             June 25-27
A2)-Basic) Fri eve, Sat & Sun             July 9-11
A3)-Basic) Fri eve, Sat & Sun             July 23-25
Schedule             Friday eve  (7:00-9:00)
                           Saturday & Sunday (9:00 – 5:00)
Cost:                      $385.00 / Members $310
A Members discount is available, please contact Christine for the code.
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More classes may be scheduled, Contact Christine for more information.

Youth and Adult Training

The Learn to Sail course is a combination of dry land instruction and water-based training. The course includes principles of sailing but also includes basic water safety. Everything from proper flotation devices to righting of capsized vessels is included. Club membership is not required.



Cultus Lake Sailing Club offers both youth and adult lessons. The youth fee includes membership in the Cultus Lake Sailing Club. This membership gives access to additional sailing opportunities and programs.

Club membership is not required to participate in the adult sail training courses, but we hope you will consider joining the Sailing Club after completion. When you join within one month of completing a course there is a 50% discount for an Individual Membership fee for that year.

For more information contact Christine at phone: 604-858-8678 or Email:

Online registration is now available for all LTS programs. Please follow the link below:


Youth Learn to Sail:
Youth Learn to Sail
Club Membership included with all youth LTS programs
Opti Into: For Children who are new to sailing
OI-1) July 19-23
9:00 - 4:00
Ages: 8-15 yrs
Register online
OI-2) Aug 9-13
9:00 – 4:00
Ages: 8 – 15 yr
Register on-line
Opti Basic: Children must have had previous exposure to a LTS program
OB-1) July 26-30
9:00 – 4:00
Ages: 9 – 15 yr
Register on-line
OB-2) August 16-20
9:00 – 4:00
Ages: 9 – 15 yr
Register on-line
The fee for one week is $370.00. if you wish to register your child for a second week, (ie: OI-1 and OB-1) or a second child the second course fee is reduced by 15%. The discount will be applied at registration.
Other course may be scheduled. If you have a youth group and you would like to have some time on the water, please contact us.

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